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Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, and trying to figure out how to transport your larger items may feel overwhelming during your relocation process. To protect it from damage and ensure it arrives safe and sound at its new location, it’s essential to make a few moving considerations for your heavy furniture, and in today’s blog, we’ll provide a few tips that can help you move large furniture safely and efficiently.

Homestead Storage offers convenient self-storage facilities for residents of the Evans area, and we offer several units that will accommodate your heavy furniture. Whether you need a standard 10 x 10 unit, or you’re looking for larger climate-controlled storage, we have your needs covered. Call us at 970-400-7144 today to learn more!

Safety First

When you’re moving large pieces of furniture from one residence to another, you want to ensure that they arrive at their new destination in good shape, but it is also important to keep your own safety in mind. There are a few best practices for moving heavy furniture, including:

  • Proper support: consider having a couple of friends help you with the larger pieces, ensuring that all sides of the furniture are supported.
  • Proper equipment: things like shoulder straps, dollies, and ramps will make moving large items easier and safer.
  • Disassembly: if possible, try taking apart larger pieces of furniture to create smaller, lighter pieces that are safer to carry.
  • Plan ahead: whether you’re moving your furniture to a new home or into a storage unit, know before hand how and where you want the items placed.

Moving your heavy furniture will be less challenging and more safe when you employ some or all of these best practices.

Prepare and Wrap Furniture Properly

Although it might seem like your furniture is heavy enough that it won’t budge in transport, it’s possible that it will, and properly prepping and wrapping your furniture ahead of time can help protect it from damage. There are a few materials that are ideal for protecting large pieces of furniture in transport, and you may consider covering your furniture with moving pads, corrugated cartons, bubble wrap, or packing paper.

Consider Professional Movers

There are many expenses that come along with moving from one place to another, and it can be very tempting to look for ways you can save money when you’re in the process of relocating. To help mitigate some of these expenses, some people choose to move their belongings themselves, however, this can expose you to injury and your large furniture to damage. Professional movers are well-versed in moving heavy items, and it may be worthwhile to get some estimates from movers to help you out.

Climate-Controlled Storage in Evans

If you’re between residences and looking for short- or long-term storage solutions for your heavy furniture, climate-controlled storage is a great way to protect your items from dirt and temperature fluctuations. At Homestead Storage, we offer a wide variety of temperature-controlled units that will allow you to store your belongings and rest assured they’ll be protected from unnecessary damage. Contact us at 970-400-7144 or reserve your unit online today!