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If you’re in the market for self-storage, you may have come across some advertisements for indoor storage units. You may not be familiar with the benefits of climate-controlled storage if you have never rented this type of unit, and you may wonder if it is worth the added expense. This type of storage should be considered for several types of items, and in today’s post, we’ll review four items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

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Climate-controlled storage allows you to control the temperature and humidity of your storage unit. This is especially important to consider when you are storing wood or leather furniture. Pieces made from wood are especially prone to cracking, warping, or even rotting when there is either not enough or too much moisture in the air. Likewise, leather furniture can become discolored with severe temperature swings and be susceptible to mold and mildew with improper humidity levels.

Electronics and Appliances

If you are storing items such as a washer, dryer, microwave, or other appliance, you want to place them in an indoor storage unit that allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity levels. Electronics also benefit from climate controlled storage, especially modern flat-screen televisions. Appliances and electronics have so many delicate internal parts that too much humidity can have the same effect as a direct water spill and excessive temperature fluctuations could damage wires.

Musical Instruments

Whether you need to store a large instrument like a piano, or a small, more delicate instrument like a flute, a temperature-controlled unit is essential. Instruments such as guitars, pianos, and woodwinds are very sensitive to changes in humidity, and storing them in a standard storage unit could result in cracking, warping, or other moisture-related damage. Brass instruments, like trumpets, are prone to corrosion and bacterial growth when subjected to too much moisture or heat.


If you have a prized coin collection that you need to store, or a rare collection of stamps from around the world, placing these items in an indoor storage unit is the best way to ensure they maintain their value and don’t get damaged. When exposed to too much heat and humidity, coins may begin to oxidize and stamps may curl or lose the vibrancy of their print. Other collectible items, such as family heirlooms, baseball cards, and comics, should also be stored in a carefully controlled environment.

Greeley Indoor Storage Units

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