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When you’re preparing to store your belongings, it pays to do so in a formulaic manner so that you can make the most of your storage space and keep your belongings in good condition. Whether you’re a college student headed back to UNC or a snowbird looking to head south for the cooler months ahead, Homestead Storage in Greeley understands that your personal property is very important to you! In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few tips for properly loading your self-storage unit. Read on to learn more and contact us today to discuss sizing and pricing options!

Preparing to Load Your Self-Storage Unit

So, you’ve located the perfect storage facility, you have the truck loaded, and you’re ready to begin putting things in your storage unit. Do you have a plan for how you’ll organize everything in it? To ensure you’re getting the most space for your buck while keeping your items properly protected, consider the four tips below.

Stack Safely

It might seem like a no-brainer, but you should always begin with your heavier items on the bottom and stack up from there. You can place boxes and storage tubs on top of heavy furniture, if you’ve protected the surface of the furniture. It’s also wise to consider the size of your storage containers, putting the biggest and widest on the bottom. Remember to be careful when stacking plastic totes and tubs. These items are extremely susceptible to hot and cold temperatures and may warp or crack, causing your stacked belongings to go tumbling.

Maximize Space

Many people assume that stacking their items is the only way to store items in a storage locker. While it is a very common storage method, there is another technique that can help you maximize your storage space. If you’ll be storing items like dressers, TV cabinets, or bookshelves, consider placing smaller boxed items in the hollow spaces that these pieces of furniture naturally provide. This can be a great place to put small valuable and fragile items to keep them from accidental damage while stored.

Leave an Aisle

When you’re loading your storage unit, it’s very easy to start at the back and work your way out to the entrance. However, when this approach is taken to loading a unit, it’s also very easy to forget to leave yourself a path for accessing the items at the rear. If you don’t have some kind of an aisle going to the back of your unit, fetching something that’s stored back there will require removing everything that is stored in front of it. This can turn a five-minute task into hours of unloading and reloading the locker. Do yourself a favor and leave an access aisle in the unit. Likewise, remember to keep the items you’ll need easy access to at the front of unit for maximum convenience.

Secure Self-Storage in the Greeley Area

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