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Some people are lucky enough to have an abundance of storage space in their home. However, others may be very limited in their options, which can either lead them to cut back on their belongings or seek alternate storage options. During the holidays, you want to be able to make your home feel as festive and welcome as possible, and you shouldn’t have to worry about where you’re going to store everything once the holidays are over. In part one of our series, we will provide you with five reasons why you should invest in a seasonal storage unit for all of your winter and holiday supplies.

If you’re looking to free up some space in your home, then Homestead Storage in Greeley has the perfect solution for you! We offer self-storage units in a variety of different sizes, as well as climate-controlled units for all of your temperatures-sensitive items. Whether you’re interested in leasing a self-storage unit for just a month or two or for the whole year, we offer a month-to-month contract that allows you to lease a unit for as long as you need. Explore our options, and get started today!

Reason #1: Added Security

Many people like to believe that their homes are incredibly safe, and that may be true for the most part. However, areas like your garage or your shed may not be as secure as you would like to think, and if you use those areas to store valuable items, then you may run the risk of having them stolen.

The great thing about storing your valuables or holiday items in a storage unit is the added security. At Homestead Storage, we offer top-notch security for all of our self-storage units. Our store managers walk the property regularly to ensure that your storage unit is secure. We also offer high-security cylinder locks, surveillance cameras, and more! Check out our security page to see what we offer, or give us a call.

Reason #2: Storage While You’re Away

While Colorado is beautiful during the winter months, snow and cold weather isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and some families or individuals may choose to spend the winter months somewhere warmer. If you’re planning to travel for an extended period of time during the holidays, then it’s important to consider what you will do with your belongings. Do you plan to take them all with you? Are you going to lock up your home and leave it as-is? A self-storage unit is a great option for storing any valuable items or unnecessary belongings that you don’t plan to take with you, and you don’t want to leave in your home while you’re gone.

Reason #3: Clear Clutter for Renters

Colorado during the winter may not be your cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t someone else’s. Instead of leaving your home completely empty while you’re enjoying the sun, you may decide to rent out your home for the holidays to make a little extra money. If you plan on renting your home, then you want to make sure it looks neat and tidy instead of cluttered with your personal belongings. Tidying up the space for renters can be easier said than done, and while you may be able to lock some items away in a closet, you will likely need a more long-term solution.

That’s where a storage unit comes into play! Leasing a self-storage unit makes it easy to pack up any clutter or unnecessary belongings to get them out of the way of your renters. This will ensure that everyone has enough space and that your items are safe and secure while you’re away.

Reason #4: Hide Presents From Prying Eyes

Hiding gifts from your loved ones can be difficult if you live in a large household. Your children may try to sneak a peek at their gifts, or your significant other may try to compare their gift with yours. One of the best parts about the holidays is the surprise of seeing what gifts your friends and loved ones picked out, but the surprise doesn’t exist if everyone already knows what they are getting!

A self-storage unit can be a great solution for prying eyes in your home, especially if you are planning on giving a larger, more extravagant gift this year. You can put away all of your summer items that you don’t need, and you can also use the space to hide your gifts so that nobody knows where they are.

Reason #5: You Can Clean up Your Guest Room

Everyone has that one room in their home that doesn’t really serve a purpose other than somewhere to collect miscellaneous items. If that room in your home is your guest room, and you’re planning on having family stay at your home during the holidays, then you may be in need of a place where you can store the belongings that are taking up space.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to clean out that room for years, and now you have the motivation, or maybe you need a temporary solution while your family is in town. Whatever the case may be, a self-storage unit could be the answer to your problem! Leasing a unit, whether it be temporary or long-term, can give you the extra space you need to clear out your guest room and make it functional once more.

Find the Perfect Storage Unit in Greeley!

Seasonal storage units can be the perfect solution for a variety of storage problems. At Homestead Storage in Greeley, we can provide you with the right self-storage unit to fit your needs. Explore our website to learn more about what we have to offer, and give us a call to get started today!